Where’s next

Alas for us the journey has had to pause. We spent 433 days travelling through Asia and had a ball but the funds ran out…As such we have returned to Australia to act like adults and get jobs so that we can save money for the next leg of our odyssey which is starting to gain a life of its own.

next plan


As you can see…our next leg will be to hit south and central America either starting in Mexico and heading south to Patagonia or the opposite way around…depending upon the weather in the month that we start.

In order to achieve this we will be settling in to learn some vital elements for our planned trip. The first of these is obviously to gain a working level knowledge of Spanish (apparently dos cerveza por favor is not enough) and the second is to learn to ride motorcycles (properly) The plan is to buy two motorcycles and make our way through the continent.

Anyway…watch this space.


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