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The final preparations are in full swing…

We have packed up the house and filled the storage shed with the items that would not sell (or the ones that we wanted to keep). Our lives have been reduced to two backpacks and a 3×3 metre storage shed. We hopped in both cars leaving Canberra in the rear view mirror and did the drive to Brisbane in time to celebrate Jim’s (Jill’s Dad) 70th birthday with him.

We broke the news to both families advising them of our planned 2 year hiatus which was received surprisingly well, but I guess both families are used to last minute news of big events from us. We actually only gave them 16 and 20 hours respectively notice of our marriage.

We have sorted our money access, exchanged currencies, got international drivers licences, sorted logistics, caught up with friends and families. We have a couple of more friends to see before our Sunday departure and then the adventure begins.

The first port of call will be the Philippines with a 3-4 day stop in Manila (Makati) then on to Beijing to see the Great Wall etc… After that the plans will be remarkably more fluid with the only other planned move being in late November when we are due to fly to New Delhi from Guangzhou…how we get to Guangzhou is a matter for discussion once we get on our trail…

Next post from Makati…

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